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Our uniting together is not just for the joy of fellowship but also in order to fulfill the great commission. God has given us a vision of uniting believers from all churches & nations to go into each area of our world with the love of Christ.
People from every tribe and nation are being called by God to go into all the world and witnesses to His goodness. Combining our different experiences, strengths and gifts enables us to see lives and communities transformed and give powerful testimony to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Most of our missionaries are not from wealthy nations but those who have seen God's love and miraculous power overcome the challenges of poverty, civil war or persecution.

2007 - Pakistan & India
I arrived in Karachi, Pakistan, on my own, just a few days after the Australian embassy evacuated because it was too dangerous.  “Reconsider your need to travel” was our government’s advice. This was my first trip to Pakistan and first journey to love and serve God’s people in other nations.  I had very little idea what that would mean except that it would require total dependence on God. From Pakistan I flew to Varanasi in Uttra Pradesh state of India, then down to Chennai and by road through many small villiages in Andhra Pradesh state then up through Orissa state, ministering everywhere we stopped, sometimes long into the night. God hand was evdent in so amny different ways in both nations.

2008 - Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda).
Liberia was still filled with UN peace keepers, governments were issuing "do not go for any reason it is too dangerous" alerts for Zimbabwe following their failed change of president and Kenya was recovering from post election violence, yet God has been moving powerfully in these nations. The people are so hungry, eager to learn and grow. The nations in most despirate need had the most joyous worship. It was this trip that propelled us into taking teams from different nations on our missions.

2010 - Kenya
Our first step into this vision came in 2010 when I invited one of our affiliates from Zimbabwe and one from Uganda to Kenya to minister with me at our affiliates' conference and then to serve with some of the churches in Kenya as they reached out into their community. This Zimbabwean man of God brought fresh passion for Christ and Holy Spirit power to all who heard him. We ministered in Nakuru, Narok and a Maasai village, Litein, Kisii, Ogembo, Kisumu, Kitale, Eldoret and some smaller villages.

2011 - Pakistan
Our next step was to take a multinational team into Pakistan in 2011. Although the Pakistan government would not issue visas to ministers from many nations we were still able to take a team from Australia, Kenya and Myanmar (Burma) and saw God move greatly through our service in Pakistan. Many people were healed and lives transformed. Resources for purifying drinking water and teaching children were also shared. One of our team from Kenya is continuing to train a young Pakistani evangelist as they work together to establish new churches in that nation. Two of our team from Kenya are committed to returning to Pakistan to encourage the saints and plant churches.

2012 - Uganda
Early in 2012 we had ministers from Zimbabwe and Kenya join me as guest speakers for our Ugandan affiliates conference and then ministering powerfully with some of the churches in Uganda.

2012 - Indonesia
We joined with nine thousand Christian leaders from around ninety nations in the World Prayer Assembly.
Such a strong unity amoung people from such a diversity of cultures and backgrounds. God is doing so much in many nations that we don't normally get to hear about.

2013 - Malawi
In 2013 Pastor Kimberly Dube and his team from Zimbabwe ministered in Malawi, bringing the truth and power fo the gospel to churches who had very littel knowledge of the scriptures and so had come under great confusion from various cultscoming into their area. This was one of the many areas in the world where the pastors had little to no training, some don't even have a Bible.

2013 - India
Our 2013 Indian Mission was conducted in two stages. Our April Mission had a large team of four ministers from Kenya, three from Uganda and two from Australia, we spread out around the nation to minister in churches and crusades before coming together with our Affiliated pastors for a conference in Hyderabad and opportunity for our Indian brothers and sisters to meet and begin fellowshipping with one another. Then in December we had a small team of just one from Kenya, one from Uganda, one from Australia and one from South Korea with a focus on spiritual warefare and breaking demonic strongholds to see the Indian church released into new levels of freedom, boldness and unity in preporation for the coming revival.

2014 - West Africa
A time of prophetic intercession for those whom God is calling to missions from poorer nations - going to West Africa to minister in eight different nations and gather ministers from all those nations together all following Jesus' short-term missions instructions in Matthew 10, Mark 6:7-13, Luke 9:1-6 & Luke 10:1-24. Taking nothing for the journey. God miraculously provided every step of the way through Ghana, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon, Nigeria and bringing the minister from Ivory Coast. Much strengthtning of the believers and many coming to Christ.

2014 - Myanmar
Pastor Kenneth from Myanmar had come on our 2011 Pakistan Mission and saw a great need for such a team to come to his nation. In 2014 we were able to take a team from Ghana & Australia (Myanmar not granting visas to those from Pakistan or Zimbabwe). This was a powerful time mostly spent training young people preparing for the ministry. We also did training in spiritual warfare for the churches, prayer-walked around significant sights and preached the gospel to people hungry to hear the truth.

2014/15 Central Australia
Team from South Korea joined in ministering to the aboriginal people in Alice Springs, central Australia. Brought much encouragement to the local church and many came forward for prayer at the crusade.

2015 - Hong Kong
We took ministers from Myanmar, India, Philippines and Papua New Guinea to the Asia Homecoming Gathering hosted by the Chinese House Churches. This was such a powerful time of uniting with the body of Christ throughout Asia and for our delegates to be inspired towards such unity in diversity in their home nations for the glory of the God.

2015 - Myanmar
This time our team came from Ghana, Philippines & Australia. India & Uganda were the two nations refused visas this time. We joined with Pastor Kenneth & CV's national leader and ministered in Yangon, Kalaymo and Chin State. Chin State had suffered much devistation from landslides and flooding. This was our preporation for 're-digging the wells' and the focus was on encouraging, uniting and equipping the churches and young people training for the ministry.

2016 - Philippines
2016 began with a mission to the Phillipines to bring healing, encouragement and restoration to a church harmed by wrongdoing. God did so much more in adding a hastily convened Minister's Unity Conference that had five times the expected attendance and powerfully knit together 250 ministers from all the different denominations, dealt with sin n the land and prepared for united gospel impact on Davao city and beyond.

2016 - Thailand
We took ministers from Myanmar, India and Uganda to join over 3,000 Church leaders from 112 different nations at the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers. Our ministers from Ghana, Liberia & Sierra Leone were denied visas along with all the others from West and Central African nations who had to apply through the embassy in Nigeria but God united them as they struggled together. This was a powerful time of working together with pastoral trainers from around the world to establish effective ways of equipping the huge percentage of untrained pastors to grow strong in Christ and be able to serve their congregations well.

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