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This policy will outline our organization’s guidelines respecting your privacy and the protection of personal information. This policy will apply to Renewal Ministries Fellowship herein referred to as the “Association”.

Why We Collect Personal Information
The Association collects and discloses personal information about a variety of individuals, including donors, students, volunteers, teachers, intercessors and ministers.

In the case of donors, we collect personal information in order to properly identify you for our tax and accounting records, to provide you with information about the use of donated funds, and to inform you about the needs of our organization. We respect your right to privacy and rights as a donor. We share your personally identifiable information with third parties only where you authorize us to share it, or if sharing the information is necessary to process a donation (for example, to process a credit card transaction) or as required or permitted by law. The Association does not exchange or trade in any way the names of donors.

In enrolling for Bible College, students provide us with various personal information, all of which is reasonably related to their student status with the Association. We use the information to assess potential student's suitability for the course, to send students their course materials, to process and manage existing registrations, and to track the extent of a student’s involvement with the Association.

With respect to volunteers, we collect personal information in order to manage and supervise the volunteer relationship between our organization and the individual. The information is not utilized for any other purpose without your consent.

Teachers, Intercessors and Ministers
In the case of our teachers, intercessors and ministers, personal information is collected with consent in order to verify qualifications, match participants with appropriate programs and enable the proper use of the Association’s resources in fulfilling our mandate and operational goals.

The Kinds of Information We Collect
Our organizations collect widely varying types of personal information, depending on the circumstances. What we collect depends on the particular purpose for collection and the particular circumstances involved. For example, student information includes certain biographical information. Information about donors only includes fairly limited contact information and such other information as the donor specifically volunteers to us in connection with their contribution to the organization. Teachers, intercessors and ministers provide us with more detailed background information. Subscribers voluntarily supply us with name, address, phone number and email particulars.

How We Obtain the Personal Information
Most of the personal information collected by the Association is collected directly by our representatives from either donors, students, volunteers, teachers, intercessors and ministers. On occasion we receive information from other charities or organizations with similar mandates.

In many cases, the consent of the individual providing information to us is inferred from the circumstances in which the information is provided.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Disclosure of donor information is restricted to our own purposes, and disclosure outside the organization is generally limited to those circumstances where consent has been provided. With respect to volunteer information, the Association may from time to time disclose that information to affiliated organizations or to third party service providers. In all cases, disclosure may be made to legal counsel and other consultants and agents, to government authorities and otherwise as permitted or required by law.

Security of Personal Information
Personal information recorded in documents is securely stored at the Association premises and affiliated offices. Electronically recorded information is stored on computer systems maintained by us and our affiliated organizations or service providers. Those computer systems and the information stored in them are protected by electronic security systems. We restrict access to personal information to only those volunteers who have a legitimate purpose in doing so. Volunteers who routinely handle personal information receive training with respect to proper personal information handling practices and they are under an obligation to comply with all privacy laws, this policy and any related codes of conduct.

The Association is committed to the accuracy of any personal information that is in its custody or control.

Access to Personal Information
Upon written request and subject to any reasonable conditions which we may be entitled to impose, the Association will provide reasonable access to an individual to review the personal information in the custody or control of the Association relating to that individual. Access will not be provided if doing so would likely reveal personal information about a third party, is the subject of solicitor/client privilege, would reveal confidential commercial information, relates to an investigation or proceeding, or we are otherwise required or permitted to withhold access by law.

The Association may amend this policy from time to time at its discretion. The current version of our Privacy Policy is always available by writing Renewal Ministries Fellowship, Hope Valley, Lot 33 Kelly Rd, Amamoor, QLD 4570.

Complaint Resolution Procedure
Any questions or complaints should be directed in writing to our Secretary, who will investigate as appropriate and provide a written response, usually within 30 days.

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