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We have partnered with School for Disciples to offer you a Leadership Training Program that will build you church, help reach your community for Christ and equip you and your church leaders with a Certificate in Ministry.

Leadership Training Programme


The Pastor of a local church is responsible for setting up the initial training cell,
for teaching both courses,
and for supervising the programme as it unfolds.

Followed By

The course Living by Faith & in the Spirit is taught by the pastor to his training cell.
During this study period cell members also recruit their own training cells.

Followed By

Multiplication and Teaching
The first training cell multiplies into a number of training cells,
each with its own teacher who teaches the course Living by Faith & in the Spirit.

Followed By

The Conference
Conference is convened by the pastor and attended by all members of the training cells.
Other pastors and members of other churches may be invited to attend.
During Conference certificates are awarded to graduates.
House Church and the Leadership Training School are explained.
Elders of house churches are anointed and set aside for service.
Members who believe they are called to leadership
are invited to enrol in the Leadership Training School.

Followed in Parallel By

House Church
Under the oversight of its elders
each house church meets
twice a month of study,
once a month for an open meeting
to which non-believers are invited,
and once a month for fellowship,
planning and prayer.

Leadership Training School
The twenty week course
is taught by the pastor using our materials and includes compulsory teaching by each student,
of a session selected by the pastor.
Successful students are awarded the Certificate of Ministry.

Leadership Training School is designed to provide additional training for pastors and to begin the training of men and women as leaders in His church.

Every Leadership Training School will be attached to a single church and will operate as a living fellowship of men and women who share their lives with one another. Its leader will be the pastor who will also be their teacher. The Leadership Training Course will be studied one evening each week. Study and learning will be marked by dialogue, question and answer, discussion of the subject being studied, and continued examination of how parts of the course apply to individual lives.

During the course members will also be required to teach at least one segment of the course to fellow members.  And to discover where the Lord wants them to serve.

At the concluding Graduation Ceremony successful participants will be awarded a Certificate of Ministry. The Leadership Training Course will include the following.

1. Part One. Purposes of the Early Church
            Session One. The Lord’s Commands
            Session Two. The Work of the Holy Spirit
            Session Three. When You Gather Together
            Session Four. Losing Their First love

2. Part Two. Servants of the Early Church
            Session Five. Apostles and Prophets
            Session Six. Evangelists and Disciples
            Session Seven. Shepherds and Teachers
            Session Eight. Elders and Deacons

3. Part Three. The Leader as a Disciple       
            Session Nine. Disciple
            Session Ten. Overcoming
            Session Eleven. Learning
            Session Telve. Prayer

4. Part Four. The Leader Reaching the World
            Session Thirteen. The World
            Session Fourteen. The Sinner
            Session Fifteen. The Gospel
            Session Sixteen. The Witness

5. Part Five. The Leader Serving  the Church
            Session Seventeen. The Body of Christ
            Session Eighteen. The Fellowship Governed by Love
            Session Nineteen. The Shepherd
            Session Twenty. The Teacher


Renewal -Rebirth, Regeneration, Restoration, Rekindling, Revitalisation, Replenishment & Revival. Exalting Jesus - Restoring, Equipping, Releasing & Supporting People..

Equipping the Body of Christ

School for Disciples
School for Disciples focuses on discipling people to disciple others. Their multiplication model is proving very effective in many nations.
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~ today we are blessed to have the scriptures freely available online in many languages.  To choose a Bible to read or listen to click here.

Growing up in 1st century Israel, all of Jesus' initial disciples would have memorised the scriptures by the age of 13. Memorisation was their answer to the lack of copies available due to the cost of parchment and maticulous work required in writing out each word perfectly.  As we don’t know what tomorrow holds it is recommended that you also learn and memorise as much of the scriptures as you can – God’s Word can help us remain secure in Christ throughthe darkest of times.

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