Renewal Ministries Fellowship ~ Discipling, Uniting, Equipping & Mobilising the Body of Christ
. ........... Renewal ~ rebirth, regeneration, restoration, rekindling, revitalisation, replenishment & revival
......................"..we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake" (2 Cor. 4:5)
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As a fellowship of believers committed to exalting Jesus, spreading the Gospel and seeing renewal in the church, Renewal Ministries Fellowship bases our structure on our relational commitment to our Lord and one_another. We seek to respond to the Holy Spirit's call to ever greater love and intimacy with God and expression of His love to one another such that we come into the unity that Jesus so fervently prayed for in John 17:20-26.

As such the leadership of Renewal Ministries Fellowship commit ourselves to:

  • supporting each and every member of Renewal Ministries Fellowship through such means as prayer, encouragement, honouring and respecting you and your ministry, always believing in you, always expecting the best of you and always standing our ground in defending you (1 Cor.13:7 TLB);
  • dealing with any serious difficulties or conflicts in a timely manner and always with the purpose of bringing Christ's healing restoration to all involved;
  • doing all we can to meet the needs of our members in developing their ministries while supporting their freedom to have those needs met through other sources as God provides and freely acknowledging when we are unable to meet any particular need;
  • encouraging and facilitating the development of deep fellowship between the members of Renewal Ministries Fellowship;
  • taking full responsibility for the decisions we make with regard to Renewal Ministries Fellowship and holding ourselves accountable to both God and the membership with regard to any action or policy which effects Renewal Ministries Fellowship;
  • maintaining openness and accountability in our decision making - encouraging, respecting and prayerfully considering input from all members (believing that the whole counsel of God is present in the whole body of Christ, not any one member - regardless of their gifting or position);
  • welcoming criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow - taking the pain of it to our Lord for His healing and responding to the critic with love, grace and humility;
  • obey God rather than try to please man - while prayerfully considering all advice and criticism to glean what God is speaking to us through it we will not be detured by the opinions of others, from what God is calling us to do and fulfilling the vision for which He established Renewal Ministries Fellowship.

Renewal -Rebirth, Regeneration, Restoration, Rekindling, Revitalisation, Replenishment & Revival. Exalting Jesus - Restoring, Equipping, Releasing & Supporting People...


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"...May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me
and have

-loved them..." (John 17:23)